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In our practice, one of the most important questions we look for the answer for, is how does our patient “function?”  Since “pain” is a subjective measure that varies from patient to patient, our examination looks at the whole person and how that individual is functioning.  We have put together an extensive examination that answers all of the questions into how our patient is functioning.  Most people do not understand, but the way we sit, lift, drive, or lift our children plays a very important role in how we function.  Typically, humans will develop patterns into what they spend the majority of their time doing.  Muscles become overused, weak, and tight when we perform an activity more than we should.  Our body will then develop compensation patterns to try and use other muscles or parts of our body to perform these tasks.  This in the long run, will begin to drive degeneration (arthritis), inflammation, or pain and likely a combination of all three of these.  We have developed a series of tests that looks into how every muscle group in our body is functioning in the sense of strength, flexibility and joint range of motion. All of our medical practitioners have been through extensive training on this form of examination.  Through this examination, we are able to pick up the “dysfunction” in the body which allows us to tailor a rehabilitation program specific to what is going on with you!

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